BoldLife – We’re 20! A look back at Season 1


BoldLife Episode 20 – A look Back at Season One

In this episode, Demo and Jesse take a look back at Season 1, give you some updates on BoldGrid’s software and the next places you can join us.

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The following transcript was created automatically, please forgive us if there are any typos or grammatical errors.
Mike Demo:
Hello and welcome to another episode of the BoldGrid BoldLife
Podcast. I’m your host Mike Demo.
Jesse Owens:
I am Jesse Owens.
Mike Demo:
Which is my wonderful cohost. We did miss one episode a couple
of weeks ago, but we haven’t gotten it away. We’ve just been
restructuring how we’re going to do this podcast. In two weeks,
you’ll see a brand new guest in a brand new format, and we’re
very excited about. We’re going to take a few minutes today for
Jesse and I to kind of connect and see how the first half a year or
nine months has been over on Team BoldLife. Jesse, how has the
year been for you?
Jesse Owens:
Well, it’s been a whirlwind. Joining the BoldGrid team back in
January was a really major step in my career. It’s been busy. It’s
been fun. It’s been challenging, and it’s been a really rewarding
experience. Just a couple of days ago, we hit the 300 member
mark on Team Orange, our Facebook group, and looking forward
to the next half a year and see where everything goes.
Mike Demo:
For those that don’t know, how do people join our Facebook
Jesse Owens:
That is on
Mike Demo:
Excellent. I’ve been busy at a lot of different events. I was lucky
enough to be in Tel Aviv, Israel last week to be able to speak at
the Press for Word event, and it was amazing to connect with
the Israeli WordPress community and to talk about BoldGrid and
some of our other new announcements that are coming. We’ve
had a lot of other good events. I’m speaking at a bunch of word
camps in October such as Long Beach, DFW, etc. Next week we
have an event that you and I will both be at together, our first
time together, since Berlin. What are we doing next week?
Jesse Owens:
We’re going to the cPanel Web Pros Summit in Atlanta, Georgia.
Mike Demo:
Yep. Is this your first cPanel event?
Jesse Owens:
Yes it is.
Mike Demo:
Now, it used to be the cPanel Conference, but ever since they
became part of the Oakley family, they wanted to have a
conference that encompassed more of their brands and not just
cPanel users. It’s going to be interesting to see who comes to
this event, and we’re going to have a booth, so if you want to
see our new brand new cPanel plugin, which you don’t even
need to be a reseller for, you can just have it for free or if you’re
a reseller you get additional features, please stop by our booth
and there’ll be a special gift in your attendee bag when you
check in as well from BoldGrid.
Jesse Owens:
Yeah, absolutely. The the cPanel plugin that we’ve created is
really a big focus for BoldGrid moving forward. We’re really
looking to empower the small to medium size web hosting
providers out there to really add value to their hosting packages.
They’ll be able to use BoldGrid’s website builder for free and is
like you mentioned the premium reseller key API integration will
allow them to add additional hosting packages that they might
be able to charge a little bit more for. They might be able to
make a little more money on and definitely have more satisfied
customers with.
Mike Demo:
If you don’t use the cPanel but use Plesk, we also have an
extension which you can get from the Plesk extension directory.
We also have Softaculous support. If you are on a control panel
that has Softaculous, you just seem to enable BoldGrid in the
settings there. We’re trying to make it as easy as possible for
admins and hosters to be able to offer BoldGrid to their users.
We’re excited to be going to Atlanta next week. We have a Tiki
bar reservation for Wednesday night.
Jesse Owens:
Yes. Trader Vic’s.
Mike Demo:
Trader Vic’s, the original Tiki bar. Not the Atlanta location, but
trader Vic’s is the original Tiki bar from the forties out of
California. They invented the Mai Tai. Did you know that?
Jesse Owens:
I did not know that.
Mike Demo:
Yeah. Trader Vic’s invented the Mai Tai. You’ll get to go to sort of
the original Tiki bar, not the Atlanta location of course. There’s a
Hard Rock Cafe, so obviously we’ll probably end up there. It’s
probably going to happen and hang out with a lot of cool people.
There’s a lot of cool WordPress people coming, like Cathy, one of
the sponsor organizers for WordCamp US. She’s in Atlanta, and I
saw her on the attendee list. There was a bunch of other cool
people like Robert Jacobi and Brad from GoWP, Jason Nickerson
from Joomla. It’s going to be really cool to kind of see everyone
and connect with people again.
Jesse Owens:
Yeah, absolutely. I was just thinking about it this morning. I have
either flown through or driven through Atlanta probably no fewer
than 30 or 40 times in my life, but I don’t think I’ve ever spent
any time there. It was always just someplace where I had to get
through to get where I was going. I’m really looking forward to
seeing Atlanta and Georgia in general.
Mike Demo:
Yeah, downtown’s great. We might have time we’ll see on the
day we fly out to go to the World of Coke. The World of Coke is
amazing because you can try 90 different flavors of Coke
products from around the world, including fan favorite Beverly
which everyone loves. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried
Beverly. I grew up in Georgia, so I’m going back to Six Flags
because we’re going on Sunday night to Six Flags to kind of kill
some time before the conference starts on early Monday. They
have a Halloween event. I used to go to that park when I was
five and six and seven years old. I haven’t been back since. It’s
going to be interesting to kind of go back to Six Flags Over
Georgia and see if it’s as big as it is in my mind still.
Jesse Owens:
Yeah, I’m definitely looking forward to ticking a few more
coasters off my life list.
Mike Demo:
Yeah. Awesome. Well after the cPanel conference, we have a
couple other events. We’ll be at WordCamp Long Beach in
California. Then we will be at WordCamp Dallas Fort Worth. I will
be speaking at both of those WordCamps, and then we’ve got
WordCamp US November 1st in St Louis. We will also have a
booth there, so if you’re not able to make it to any of the other
events, please try to come and say hi to us in St Louis.
Jesse Owens:
Absolutely. Other big news in the BoldGrid universe right now is
the new super three theme Crio, which was just released for free
on the repository, which represents a huge leap
forward in the BoldGrid theme framework. This is the first of the
second generation of BoldGrid theme work themes, and we think
it’s going to really put the tools of web design right down to the
last pixel in folks’ hands, and we’re really excited to be able to
release this for free on the repository.
Mike Demo:
Yes, definitely Crio is amazing, and it allows you to really build
kind of your own theme. I know it’s called a Super Theme or a
Master Theme, but if you want the ease of use from inspirations
but in a theme system, Crio really gives it to you. Definitely test
drive it. If you don’t want to install it on your current site or you
just want to play with it, you go to and just try it in
cloud WordPress, no credit card needed because it’s free
anyway, and just a kind of test drive it and see if it might fit your
needs. That being said, we’re going to kind of wrap it up. Jesse,
how can people follow us on social?
Jesse Owens:
On social? You can find us on twitter @boldgrid and on Facebook
Mike Demo:
You can follow me on Twitter at @MPMike.
Jesse Owens:
I am @JesseCOwens.
Mike Demo:
Thank you so much, and we’ll see you in two weeks with our
brand new format.