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Cannot remove border from call to action

dylan 2 days ago in Themes updated by support (Support) 1 day ago 1


I am using the Resolve theme.  I edited my call to action on the homepage.  Now, anytime I add a widget, it puts a white border around the container.  How can I get it back to how it was without the border, or with the border transparent?


I am trying to add to another option to my social media menu, but there are no other options to add.

Ali D. 2 weeks ago in Themes updated by support (Support) 2 weeks ago 1

Instagram is showing, but there are no other options to add (i.e. LinkedIn). Where can I find these options? They do not show anywhere.


Sub Pages

Mr.G 2 weeks ago in Themes updated by support (Support) 2 weeks ago 1

I am new to Bold Grid (forced to use it with Dreamhost) but have used Word Press for years. I cannot seem to be able to create a sub page in Bold Grid. And yes the theme I am using did support subpages ( was a part of the preview) yet when I try to create a sub page in Bold Grid does not happen. I want subpages and I am sure Bold Grid should support it, all webpages tend to have them


Is the a simple way to design a category page using block components?

ak 1 month ago in Themes updated by support (Support) 4 weeks ago 5

I'd like my category pages use the Post List widget, or at least look the same as the Post List Widget.


How do I get rid of the background showing between my header and my first grid?

susan 1 month ago in Themes updated by support (Support) 1 month ago 3

Remove entire menu area

Chris L. 1 month ago in Themes updated 1 month ago 3

I am running Swifty. The logo and 'Primary Menu' make up two columns in a row in the header. This prevents me from centering my logo. I would like to remove the 'Primary Menu' section so that I can center my logo in the header. Thoughts?