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Side bar on shop page breaking with W3 PLUGIN

Paul Talbot 7 months ago in W3 Total Cache updated by support (Support) 7 months ago 1

installed w3 cache and when I do it breaks my desktop shop page - the page reverts to a mobile design and the sidebar along the left side completely disappears. infusedcbdmarketplace.com

Tried another cache plugin and it did the same thing - not sure what is breaking the page - does anyone have some thoughts?

Thank you - Paul


Two wordpress websites, one database, page cache issue

Pablosh45 7 months ago in W3 Total Cache updated by support (Support) 7 months ago 1


We have two websites connected to the one database for security purposes. One is accessible for the WP backend and restricted via IP address and one is the front facing version of the website. e.g.


The frontend.website.com inherits the 'backend.website.com' URLs so we use ob_start() to replace backend.website.com to frontend.website.com. 

This set up works well for us however we are trying to improve loading and so have given the page cache functionality a go. When we enable 'page cache' the ob_start() seems to be ignored or overwritten and so the cache generated pages on the frontend.website.com contain the links to backend.webesite.com. Do you have any solution for this or a possibly a hook for us to tie into the page caching method you use on the plugin to allow us to use the ob_start() or similar?

I hope this makes sense, tried to explain it as best I could but let me know if you need any more clarification on this and hope to hear from you.

Kind regards,




farkas alpar 7 months ago in W3 Total Cache updated by support (Support) 7 months ago 1

i guess the 8.25$/month license (99per year) is 1 site license.. is there any unlimited sites license?


W3 Total Cache - compatible with other software?

Derek RH 7 months ago in W3 Total Cache updated 7 months ago 2

Hello - we have an ecommerce store hosted on volusion. They have a help article which references a plugin that looks similar to yours. Will your plugin work with Volusion ecommerce sites? Or is there a specification I should ask them about to verify?


Hey. Will it be a good idea to utilize w3 total cache and autoptimize together? I plan on using w3 for Caching and autoptimize for minifying

Deba 8 months ago in W3 Total Cache updated by Jesse Owens (Community Manager) 8 months ago 1

Can i use autoptimize and We total cache together? 



Using W3 Total Cache together with Autoptimize can cause conflicts because they both have CSS and Javascript minification capability. If you do want to use both of these together, make sure that you disable minification in Autoptimize.
Generally speaking, you should be careful when trying to use two minification solutions, because it can cause a fatal error if both are enabled. If you want to attempt this, be sure you're using a staging website and not your live website.


w3 Total Cache XML-RPC Error in Zapier-WordPress Integration

Brian McGuire 8 months ago in W3 Total Cache updated by support (Support) 8 months ago 1

In creating a Zapier integration to create a new post in a WordPress site, I was receiving an XML-RPC error. I began deactivating plugins and found that W3 Total Cache was the culprit. I looked for a setting to toggle but could not identify one. Anyone else run into this? 


w3 total cache plugin

lago 9 months ago in W3 Total Cache updated by Jesse Owens (Community Manager) 9 months ago 3

Hello, i just downloaded the w3 plugin for my WP website and I checked with Google Page Speed that my site needs urgent maintenance. Nonetheless I'm really scared to use this plugin as I don't know anything about these things and really badly afraid to crash my site. Is there a way someone can check with me what I should do but above all if my site is ok using this plugin? The compatibility test shows something but I am not sure I understand it correctly. Thank you for your reply and happy Easter!


Hello Mary-

Some of our users did report this same error after updating recently, please take my apologies for the fatal error on your site. Can you try the solutions outlined in this post on our official W3 Total Cache support forum?