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w3 Total Cache XML-RPC Error in Zapier-WordPress Integration

Brian McGuire 3 weeks ago in W3 Total Cache updated by support (Support) 2 weeks ago 1

In creating a Zapier integration to create a new post in a WordPress site, I was receiving an XML-RPC error. I began deactivating plugins and found that W3 Total Cache was the culprit. I looked for a setting to toggle but could not identify one. Anyone else run into this? 


w3 total cache plugin

lago 2 months ago in W3 Total Cache updated by Jesse Owens (Community Manager) 2 months ago 3

Hello, i just downloaded the w3 plugin for my WP website and I checked with Google Page Speed that my site needs urgent maintenance. Nonetheless I'm really scared to use this plugin as I don't know anything about these things and really badly afraid to crash my site. Is there a way someone can check with me what I should do but above all if my site is ok using this plugin? The compatibility test shows something but I am not sure I understand it correctly. Thank you for your reply and happy Easter!


Hello Mary-

Some of our users did report this same error after updating recently, please take my apologies for the fatal error on your site. Can you try the solutions outlined in this post on our official W3 Total Cache support forum?