I need help resizing theme, it looks like garbage in mobile preview.

Chadmichen 2 years ago updated by Harry J (Products Manager) 2 years ago 4

The theme Swifty is not responding to mobile very well. Can someone help me fix this? See pics.


Even though Carlosd made a suggestion that didn't fix it, we managed to figure out the footer text line was to long and it created extra space on mobile.

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Thank you for following up, it is appreciated.

Please let us know if we can provide any further assistance, we are glad to help out!

Okay so after playing with the theme we have discovered the bottom footer text line was to long and creating extra space even in mobile. After shortening the text line the problem went away.


It appears that you are previewing the website from inside the Customizer. I recommend previewing the website from mobile as it is published since the preview will be different without the BoldGrid Customizer view. For instance, the editing buttons will not be present and the responsiveness of the theme will behave more appropriately.

I checked it first on mobile. On mobile it does not show the scroll bars, however you can swipe thumb to the left and it moves to the background.