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tom 2 years ago updated by christopherm 2 years ago 3

Hi all, so I'm looking to remove the header image from all my pages apart from my home page (but keep the menu bar). If anyone is knows a solution or a bit of CSS that will let me do this, I'd really appreciate the help! I don't normally do web design as you may have guessed. (the site is www.ovon.io). Thanks!


Hello Tom.

Thanks for posting your question to learn how to remove the header image from all your pages, except the Homepage. I'd be happy to help you with this, however, the depth of the customization necessary would require knowledge of how to manipulate the theme options. This is mainly due to the fact that you would need to set this at the theme level, as this is not available in the Customizer. You can always send in a feature request via the BoldGrid Central feedback link and to help our developers understand what kind of features real customers want to use.

I hope this helps!


Carlos D

Hi Carlos, Thanks for the offer of help, I really appreciate that. I can provide a login to the site if that helps? Alternatively I do understand how to edit at a theme level, I'm just not sure which bit to edit and what to put in! (I edited the header.php to insert the sticky menu).

I'll raise a feature request as well so it helps other customers. Thanks!

Tom, this forum is public so we recommend keeping your login details private in this instance. However, we'd greatly appreciate your feature request.