Premium Connect Key lost

scott 2 years ago updated by carlosd 2 years ago 1

I switched hosts and no longer have access to my Premium Connect Key. When I talked to inMotionhosting, they said I could only get me key from BoldGrid support. My BoldGrid Installation tells me that I have a Premium Connect Key....but I can't locate it to add it to my current boldgrid.com account.Please help. My site is www.gjtonewood.com


Hello Scott.

Thanks for posting your question regarding obtaining your Premium Connect Key after switching hosts. Unfortunately, you would no longer have access to the Premium Connect Key from InMotion Hosting if you no longer have a hosting subscription, as it is included for free with their hosting package(s). You would only be able to obtain a new Premium Connect Key for free from one of the hosts listed here. Otherwise, you can purchase a new license if your web host is not partnered with BoldGrid.

I hope this helps!


Carlos D.