Creating duplicate website

Vincent Poirier 5 months ago • updated by christopherm (Customer Community) 5 months ago 1

I want to create a very similar website to my first at a new domain. I though I would create a backup of my existing site using the Backup plugin and then upload it to my new domain. However now my new domain just redirects me to my old website. I cant even go to the wp-admin page to change anything. How do I fix this?


It is likely that the old domain information is still present in the database. This is not a BoldGrid issue specifically; it falls under the category of general WordPress troubleshooting. You may need to edit your WordPress configuration file to add the new domain manually as the "Home" URL. Then, a replacement of URLs mentioning the old domain will need to be made in the database in order to repair any broken links (if there are any). if any of this sounds confusing, I'd advise contacting your hosting support for more information. As an alternative, a WordPress expert in your local area can also be of help.