Cannot change font size when using bullet points.

Stephen Day 2 years ago updated by christopherm 2 years ago 3

On my website http://www.relationshipcoachingforactors.com, I have two sections in which I use bullet points. In both sections, the font shows at 14 points, although I have used the font-controls to increase the size to 17 points. The line spacing changes, but not the font size.

In both cases, the text was pasted in from a separate .txt file one paragraph at a time. Inspecting the HTML doesn't seem to show any incorrect coding, but I'm no expert.

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I was unable to solve the problem in the visual editor, but think I have solved it by adding HTML to the file.

I'm glad you found a solution, Stephen, but that is certainly a strange issue. In testing, I was not able to replicate what you described. Let us know if you face further challenges editing font size.


Just to make sure I have the issue correct, you are editing the font size in the Visual editor and the size difference is not taking effect on the front end of the site? If that is the case, it's possible there may be some page caching that needs to refreshed to display the new font size. Are you using any kind of page caching or a caching plugin like WP Super Cache on the site?