Why does my permalink still display the demo site when I go onto different pages on my website?

premedhubumich 2 years ago updated by arnelc 2 years ago 5

This is our home page. The website link is what we want it.

Then, I go to the "ask a question" page on my website. It is also the link that we want.

Now, when I go back to the home page, the site displays the demo2boldgrid... how can I fix this?


This is likely the result of a setting in WordPress itself. You will want to check the Site URL and Home settings.

Doesn't seem to be the problem. Any other ideas? 


I'm sorry to see this is happening. I recommend you remove the menu item (for the Home page) and then add the menu item again, using the correct URL. I hope this helps!


Carlos D. 

Hi Carlos,

Now the problem is fixed! Thanks so much for your help.

Pre-Med Hub

Thanks for your patience, Pre-Med Hub! If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.