Boldgrid has locked me out of my website for almost a month and I want this fixed and NOW!!!

soapboxerdave 2 years ago updated by arnelc 2 years ago 1

I already have a website but your stupid software has locked me out for almost a month. It says it needs cookies activated. Cookies are activated. It says my password is on a list of compromised passwords. Then it says it doesn't have my email address even though it sends me a message that someone tried to access my site and change the password. It fails to send the change password key. I paid for three years of this site and so far it has been a complete bust.


Hello Soapboxerdave,

Apologies for the frustrations with your BoldGrid site.  A few things about the problems you are having - BoldGrid does not require to have cookies activated and the password security is part of WordPress.  BoldGrid does not modify or function in securing your WordPress access. This issue is related to either a security plugin or other WordPress requirements for access.  BoldGrid's primary function is to help create the website and is a series of plugins for WordPress.  If you are trying to login to BoldGrid Central, that may be a different thing entirely.  Can you provide the domain name of the site you are trying to access?  We can then look it up if the login issues are related to BoldGrid Central.  Otherwise, I recommend speaking with your hosting service.  They can help regain your site access if possible.  If you wish for us to continue investigating the issue, please provide us the URL that you are using and we would be happy to look into the issue in more depth.