I have issues with my home page image on a mobile device - I'm being told its the css - help?

ForwardVue 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 7

When I view my page and the mobile example on the editor it looks ok - not great but ok - but when I actually pull it up on my phone, the image is much smaller, putting a white background behind my what letters - it looks very unprofessional and cannot be read - I am being told by inmotion that it is css in the theme.   please help

I would be happy to check out the solution if you will provide a link or tell me how to view it. 

Sorry for the continued problems with the background image. Check out this question/solution provided to another customer with a similar problem. There is CSS code provided that should help with the background issue that you are having.  If you continue to have the problem, please let us know.

Thank you for this information.    When applying these changes, it fixed the mobile version but messed up the desktop and tablet versions.   Is there a way to apply these changes to only the mobile version?

Thanks for providing those details. The image settings for the background photo should ensure that the photo is displayed properly on mobile devices. I recommend Customizing your Background Image Settings to get the right look you want. For instance:

Background Effects: Fixed

Background Image Size: Do Not Resize

    You can also use the Horizontal and Vertical Position sliders to accommodate your image. I hope this helps!


    Carlos D.

    here is a screen shot of my phone.   Feel free to pull it up on your phone as well.  All photos are stick images from shutterstock.  I saved them to my desktop and drag and dropped them to the upload files area in the customize area when prompted.  There was an issue after loading the theme with this photo or something in css.   Support had to do something so that the picture could be seen.   

    I do not know how to make a backup of the site.   I was told support would be doing this.   I also do not know how to load updates.  I thought they were automatic as well.   



    I'm sorry to see that you are experiencing an issue with the image and how it appears on mobile devices. Is there a screenshot you can attach that helps us see more clearly the issue you are describing? Also, can you please elaborate on the details of how you uploaded the image, the settings you applied to the image and any other details to replicate what you are doing? This will helps us to provide a more insightful diagnosis. In the meantime, I recommend making a backup of your website and proceeding to apply any updates that are available.


    Carlos D.