I removed the Call to Action widget from the home page of my Uptempo website but my background image is now not appearing except for a thin line.  I have tried adding in the code to the CSS editor - entry-content {margin-top: 600px;} but still not working

david_imber 2 years ago updated by christopherm 2 years ago 12

I removed the Call to Action widget from the home page of my Uptempo website but my background image is now not appearing except for a thin line.  I have tried adding in the code to the CSS editor - entry-content {margin-top: 600px;} but still not working


Hello David,

Apologies for the problem with your background image not appearing after removing the Call to Action widget. I loaded the Uptempo theme in a test site and tried to find the widget you're talking about.  By default, the call to action is part of the theme and can be modified in the Customizer, but not removed.  If you can provide us with a URL and the specific steps that you took to remove the widget, then we can investigate the issue in more depth.  Please provide us a little more information for us to proceed.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Kindest regards,

Arnel C.

Thank you for your reply.  Here is the url for the website http ://vrconsultuk.com/wordpress/ you can see on the homepage that you can only see a tiny sliver of the background image now.  What I did prior to this happening is go to customizer, click on Widgets, Go to Below Header Widget that had the text box with the wording Who We Are.  I removed this box on the widget and it disappeared along with my background image.  I went back to the Below Header Widget and added a visual editor widget back in and then added this code to the custom css area  - entry-content {margin-top: 600px;} - I found this advice on your support pages. This has now resulted in me being able to see a sliver of the image on the homepage but not the whole image.

Hi David, I tested the CSS and it worked. I was able to see the background image just fine. Are you using a dot before entry-content, like this: .entry-content? If not, I'd advise adding the dot for correct CSS syntax.

The dot wasn't there so I have now added it in.  It doesn't seem to have made any difference though as I still can't see the image.  When I first load to the site the image appears and then immediately disappears into a sliver - please see screenshot of what my home page looks like Screenshot 2018-12-11 at 15.11.58.png  I have tried different browsers but it looks the same on Firefox, Safari and Chrome, I just can't see the full background image.  Are you able to see the full background image on the website?

In this case, a CSS solution without the guidance of a developer may not be the best course of action, since it will require extra maintenance. (Any advanced coding intervention would.) A newer version of the theme may react differently with CSS added beforehand. I'd advise installing Uptempo again and using the Call To Action widget strategically, or use a different theme that features the background image more prominently. If that option doesn't work for you, you could try targeting the .main CSS class. Again, I don't recommend that, but it may provide you with a short term solution.

Sorry I just saw this reply.  If I reinstall the Uptempo theme again will I lose all the content on my active site?  Also, how would I use the Call to Action widget strategically?  Thanks for your help.

Installing a fresh Uptempo theme will use the starter content. That's why I'd advise installing it in your staging area. Then you can copy over the content. This may seem tedious, but it's always a good idea to review your content and revise it anyway. This helps keep it fresh.

As far as using the Call to Action strategically, remember that it's likely going to be the first thing that catches a visitor's eye when they land on your site. That's why it's there. I'd advise trying to encapsulate the core values of your company/brand in the space available. Also, the call to action is where you let your visitors know what you'd like to them to do (sign up, learn more, buy now, etc.), so you can put that direction in the button.

Thanks Christopher, I have installed a fresh version of Uptempo to my staging site but it still won't bring over the Call to Action (Who We Are) box on the front.  I don't know what I'm doing wrong

That is a known issue the BoldGrid team has been made aware of. We'll post an update once it's been resolved.

This is the problem I am having and I found the code fix on your support page here https://www.boldgrid.com/support/troubleshooting/fixing-a-blocked-background-image/ however this has not worked for me as I still cannot see enough of the background image.  Is there a different code I should be using or a different fix for Uptempo theme?

That article is meant to demonstrate how CSS can be used to address the issue, but different themes may use different CSS selectors so the code will not be exact in all cases (and selectors could change over time as themes are updated), and elements on the page may have a different arrangement. I'd advise using your browser inspector to target the elements on your page as they appear for you. But in the long run, unless you are highly adept at CSS, it's safer to try to accomplish your goal using the editor tools and the options in the Customizer.


Thanks Christopher, I don't really want to use CSS at all, i just want to get my background image back and showing like it should on the web page  but I don't know how to do this.  Is it actually possible to have a background image showing on the Uptempo theme without having the What We Do widget appearing over the image?