Using Wedge theme, is there a limit to the number of child pages in a menu dropdown?

Photog_James 9 months ago updated by arnelc 9 months ago 1

I installed the Wedge theme, with multiple pages and menu categories.

I can align child pages under a menu category, but it seems to be limited to just three child pages.

Other themes dont seem to limit me.

Does Wedge really limit menu dropdown lists to only three pages?


Hello Photog_James,

When I test the Wedge theme in my BoldGrid installation, I am able to add more than 3 pages in the menu, but I had to add the pages by typing in the title of the page.  I then set up a brand-new test site and tested it there with the Wedge theme and it worked with no issue.  There are some quirks with the menu, but I have sent over the issue to the BoldGrid development team.  They will review it and update the theme as necessary.  For now, I would recommend trying to type in the page titles for what you don't see in the Customizer Menu editor.  Beyond that, if you can re-load the theme, it may also address the issue.  When the development team is finished with its review, an update to the theme will automatically go out and be available to you through a WordPress Administrator update.

Sorry again for the issues with the menu.  I hope this helps to resolve the problem you have identified.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Kindest regards,

Arnel C.