How can I insure replacement image matches size and position of existing template image?

James Joyce 2 years ago updated by support (Support) 1 year ago 2

While I appreciate Carlos's suggestion, the reality is that blindly selecting the "crop" option does NOT ensure success. There seems to be a step missing. I suspect one has to find a way to find the size specs of template image and size the replacement image accordingly BEFORE uploading it to the Media Library... but I'm not sure this is correct?

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While the crop option is available so that the uploader need not pre-configure an image, it is always considered a best practice to do just that: adjust and optimize images before uploading them to the Media Library. The most popular image editor is, of course, Photoshop. But there are free options like GIMP or various websites that allow you to upload and compress or resize images so they may be optimized for the web.



Thanks for your question regarding replacing images in the Inspiration/theme. When you replace the image, if the photo does not match size/position as the previous image, you will be presented with a "Crop" screen. Here is where you would adjust the size/position.

I hope this helps!


Carlos D.