How to get the More button to work ??? .

BNeb 2 years ago updated by support (Support) 1 year ago 4

After updating it doesn't show up on updated site, i know where the more button button is its just getting it work consistently is an issue for me.  I'm open to alternative suggestion or better options thanks in advance.


Hello and thanks for contacting us. Please give more info and/or a screenshot to help us better understand what exactly you're having an issue with.

Continue reading link above if you click on it it expands and shows additional information on the same page,  How do i accomplish this using Boldgrid? 

Hello and thanks for your reply.

The functionality of the "Continue Reading..." is built into WordPress. With BoldGrid installed, there is no need to change how you would use this feature. It's worth noting that this will only work if you have "Your homepage displays -- Your latest posts" enabled in the Customizer (Homepage Settings). If you are experiencing issues with implementing it in other areas, you may consider using a plugin to expand the functionality.

I hope this helps!


Carlos D.