Hello and thank you for reaching out to us. I'm sorry to see that you are experiencing issues with the menu buttons. Do you have an example of the issue you are describing?

Also, is it possible to reply back with the steps you are taking to replicate the issue? This will help us to properly diagnose the issue and expedite finding a resolution.

We look forward to your response to further assist you.

Best Regards,

Carlos D.

Hi Carlos,

thank you for feedback.

I have made my website on the base of Pavilion themе (Developed by BoldGrid team)

However, there is now some misalignment in Primari menu row - its active only in upper side of buttons.

https ://

There is not available to edit parameters of menu row from visualization console, that's why I ask you help to fix it. Actually, this row could be a bit narrow as well.

Best regards and Thank you in advance,


Hello. To ensure we're on the same page, please reply with the steps you are taking to replicate the issue and your goals regarding these steps.

Hi, I try to adjust the Primary menu parameters with help of CSS/HTML editor, however without  success. Please check it.

https ://

I am sure it's easy fix for professional web designers.

Thank you in advice,


We'd be happy to help out if possible, but I'm not sure what you mean specifically by a misalignment in the menu. If you could clarify the issue specifically so we might replicate it we might be able to recommend a solution. I visited the link you sent and it looks like the menu is aligned properly.

If not, it may be best for you to contact a professional web designer so they could provide you a specific solution for your needs. We're only equipped to provide support for the BoldGrid tools themselves.