Why isn't my home page filling the screen?

WilburnStrategicSolutions 2 years ago updated by support (Support) 1 year ago 3

Hello!  I am new to web design and I'm experiencing some difficulty with getting the home page of my selected Boldgrid template to load properly. \

Specifically, when you go to my website (wilburnstrategicsolutions.com), the home page (a bridge across a bay) does  not fill up the screen.  There is blank/white space on the right side of the screen.

Why is this happening?  

Please advise on how to correct this so that my website looks as great as your templates!


I am new to this, so please bear with me.  It is my *home* page that does not fill up the screen from left to right.  When you go to my current website (WilburnStrategicSolutions.com), you will find that when loading, the pages fills only 3/4 of the screen.  Please help!

It looks like the home page utilizes the whole browser window. Do you mean 3/4 left and right or up and down? Which specific page is having the problem? You mentioned the home page as having the problem but then refer to "pages" plurally. Does this mean multiple pages are having the issue? Any clarification you can provide would be terrific. 


Do you mean the background image or home page? If the background image, it does seem to be filling up the screen from the left margin all the way to the right. The home page itself by default uses the whole screen. If you can clarify further on the specifics perhaps we can better understand what you're seeing.