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donbrowndesign 1 year ago updated by Joseph (Support) 12 months ago 7

I finishing building my BoldGrid website! How do I get it up and running on the internet?

hello. May I call and speak to you on the phone?. Im still having issues and i think things would be more clear for i can speak directly to you, or someone else. It would help this situation get resolved a lot faster. Thank you. 


Hi, unfortunately, we do not have an over the phone support to contact. I recommend using the BoldGrid backup tool to move your website/launch it on the web host of your choice. This guide here is great for providing those instructions! Following those steps using your GoDaddy account, you can move the website you created from the demo URL to your hosted domain.

I hope this helps,


Carlos D

In order to transfer you can see the options available in Cloud WordPress by going to the Cloud WordPress page.  If you click on Transfer you will see the button labeled Transfer Cloud WordPress Guide. Basically, you would use the Backup tool.  You would then have to have a WordPress site installed with your domain name.  It sounds like you already have a hosting package through GoDaddy.  You would need to install the BoldGrid plugins there, and then restore your site to that location.  The domain name that you want to use will be the one used for the WordPress install at your hosting service.  I hope this helps to clear up the issue.  


BoldGrid is a series of plugins that work through WordPress, so you definitely installed WordPress.  There would be no transferring to WordPress as you're already working in WordPress.  As long as your site is active, then you should be able to see it if you type in the URL on a browser.  What's the domain name for your BoldGrid site?  If you go to your Dashboard, then the site link will be in the top lefthand corner at the top of the page.  If you click on it, copy the link and then you can go to a different browser (or use the private option in your current browser) to see the site as it would appear.  If you provide the URL for us, we can take a look as well.

The domain name for my Boldgrid site is: https://demo2.boldgrid.com/trial-2twwz4vw/getstarted/

oh ok, i see now! It is live on the internet. So i guess my next question would be how do i point my domain name to my Boldgrid site so it doesn't read "demo2.boldgrid.com/trial-2twwz4vw/ in the URL anymore? 


Hello DonBrownDesign,

Thanks for the question about publishing your BoldGrid website.  It will depend on how you installed WordPress or how it's hosted.  If you have created your site based on a WordPress installation that is using a domain name, then the site should already be live.  If you set up on a standalone server that is not on the internet, then you will need to migrate your site with the BoldGrid Backup plugin. If you have created the site using BoldGrid another way, then please specify it and we can advise on the best way to get it published to the internet.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Kindest regards,

Arnel C.

Thanks for following up! I guess I should you more specific details. I bought a Wordpress hosting package and the domain name through Godaddy, and I began to build the actual website  through Boldgrid. I dont think I ever installed Wordpress, i simply created a Boldgrid account and began designing within Boldgrid. My plan was to have the Boldgrid website transferred to my Wordpress hosting package via GoDaddy. That's what I need help doing. 

Thanks in advance,