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Website Screenshots
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I've attached some screen shots of my home page and the other three pages of my website.  When visiting my website, the home page image doesn't load properly; leaving white space along the right side of the screen.  When scrolling through the other three pages, this issue remains.  Please help!



Thank you for contacting us about unwanted white space on a BoldGrid site. When testing your site, there appears to be custom CSS or Javascript affecting causing a white background. I recommend checking in your Customizer for any custom codes. Here are the steps:

  1. Click Customizer in the Dashboard.
  2. Click the Advanced option.
  3. Click Custom JS & CSS, then check for Custom Theme CSS or JS.

Thank you,


Hi John-Paul!  Thanks for the very prompt and detailed reply!  I am very new to this and don't exactly know how to identify CSS or Javascript...and which ones are causing my issue.  Can you help me identify which custom codes to eliminate?  Many, many thanks!!

In this case you'd need to check the CSS. However, you can always remove something in the live customizer and wait for the preview to load to ensure you removed the right code.


On my Dashboard, there is no Customizer>Advanced>Custom JS&CSS.  There is only Customize>CSS/HTML Editor.

Please advise!

Also - this would be a lot easier for a novice like myself to have someone talk  me through this.  The delay in responses and little detail on "how to" is keeping me from completing my website!!!  Bad for business!

You should click the Customize link in the Dashboard to access the customizer. Then, Advanced>Custom JS&CSS. I have confirmed these steps are accurate. Anything you see entered in the boxes are custom coding. I recommend saving them to notepad in case you need them in the future, then erasing them as a test. Since your site is with a recommended host (InMotion), you can always call them for live support over the phone.