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Chris Millar 1 year ago updated by carlosd 1 year ago 3


Just re entered my key and have added a dozen categories and logged out and back in to check it and the same error happens again. I used the intro and managed to access Inspirations a couple of days ago then and had to reinstall Wordpress on the site again. Would this interfere with the setup of the BoldGrid.


Hi Chris.

I'm sorry to see about the trouble you are experiencing with your categories. Generally speaking, reinstalling WordPress/BoldGrid will cause you to lose your current installation's settings if you are installing it on the same domain.

When you are making changes, I recommend you create a backup to ensure your data is not lost.

I hope this helps!


Carlos D. 

No help at all now my server site will not respond cant even view it or log in to wordpress since you set the site to basic on the last problem.


I'm sorry to see that you can not log into your site. BoldGrid shouldn't cause the server to become non-responsive. If possible, can you provide the error messages that you're seeing? 

Also, you may need to work with your hosting provider if your server is not responding.