Can a Page Section be Forced to Fill the Screen?

Ric K. 11 months ago updated 11 months ago 2

I have my theme set to a solid background color.  The home page is based on a page section that has a background image.

When viewing the site it looks fine unless I make the browser taller.  As far as I can tell the page section will only grow tall enough to hold its content.  The end result is that I see my home page with a section below it the color of my theme's background color.  Since I have a footer I see four horizontal sections - the header, my page section (with image), a background color bar, and a footer bar.

I only want to see the header (menu section), the page section of my image, and the footer.  I guess what I'm asking is whether the image from my page section can be made to grow past the content it holds so that it touches the footer and I never see the theme background.

I don't want to achieve the effect by making my image the theme image.  That is, unless there is a way to bulk convert the other pages of my site to ignore the image and use a solid color.  As it stands, I tried using my image for the theme and found that it took over for every other page in my site.


If you're trying to accomplish something that is not a normal function within the BoldGrid interface, then it will require custom code - typically CSS to get the behavior you're trying to accomplish.  This is typically beyond the scope of support, however, you are welcome to inquire by sending a support ticket into BoldGrid.  If it's something that can easily be done then the code maybe supplied. Or, you may want to consult with an experienced website designer/developer.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.