URGENT popup menus options not visible

James Moore 6 months ago updated by johnpaulb 6 months ago 5

Installed latest version of wordpress and boldgrid. 

All options using any popup menus does not display children, painful!

Both of the popups have been selected, guessing options and typing in can work if you know what the options are. The capitalisation popup has nothing beneath it so its not just a case of display order.


Thank you for letting us know. We're glad you were able to narrow it down.


Ok Checked all of the plugins and it looks like this one is the culprit

Thanks for your help, I will register the conflict with moderntribe


wordpress 5.1.1

boldgrid 5.1 

like I said both installed today so are latest versions

WordPress latest version is 5.1.1, but BoldGrid is a series of plugins and none of them are 5.1. Here's an example of the versions:

Please also try disabling all of the other plugins but the BoldGrid plugins and see if there is a conflict causing the issue to occur.  If the problem recurs, then please provide us with the appropriate version #s for both the plugins and loaded themes and we can investigate the issue in more depth.  


Hello James,

Sorry for the problem with the popup menus not displaying the drop-down.  Can you please provide the versions for WordPress and BoldGrid plugins that you are using? We are unable to duplicate the issue at this point.