Title attributes options are not working consistently in my menus. Why?

godmother108 1 month ago • updated 1 month ago 4

I've added titles to 'Title Attributes' that I would like to have show up in various menu links. Occasionally, one shows up, but most often not. Am I missing a step?

My theme is 'Haven.'

Customize > menu > primary > link > title attribute for the primary menu. When I mouse over the links in the primary menu (in process or published), I only see a repeat of the link name, not the title attribute. Social and footer menus work as expected to show the title attribute when links are moused-over. Thank you

Sorry for the problem with the menu issue. I have spoken with one of the developers and I have asked that they review this issue. I will send this request over to them. If it's a bug, they'll convert the issue to the bug tracker and update you when it's fixed.

Can you provide some steps we can use to replicate this issue?