What is the Header.php file and how do I find it?

Robert Ray 9 months ago updated by carlosd 9 months ago 1

I have a beginner’s question. I use WordPress and Boldgrid.  I was using a plugin called ‘Auto Refresh Single Page’ to refresh every 60 seconds a live feed of lightning data from my observatory. It worked well for quite a while but then, as I understand, the author quit supporting it and there have been no more updates. I have tried to find an alternative plugin but with no success so far. On a forum, it was suggested that I insert a WP code to the header.php file – something like this <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="60"> but I am unsure just what a header.php file is or where it is on the page in question.


Hello Robert,

Thanks for posting your question about the location of the header.php file. WordPress typically uses this standard theme file located inside the themes folder of the core files:


You will need to log into your web server, which may require assistance from your web host. You can also use a File Manager plugin to modify the files through the WordPress Dashboard.

When making changes to this file directly, I recommend a couple of things.

  1. Make a copy of the original file, prior to editing it. You can name it something like header-original.php. This will help in case disaster strikes and you need to revert those changes.
  2. Create a child theme to make these kinds of changes. This will prevent your changes from being overwritten when performing updates to the theme. This is a little more advanced, however, if this is not done then you will need to re-add the code to that file anytime you run an update for the theme.

I hope this helps!


Carlos D.