How can I set up on a page a nice Blog with preview (and preview pics too) nicely ordered?

ozean 4 months ago updated by arnelc 4 months ago 1

I am trying since hours and hours to make sense of the site that contains my blog. I want to have the different blogposts with a little preview picture and a preview text in row ordered. And no matter what I do, there seems to be no option for that. Help would be appreciatet! Thanks!


Hello Ozean,

Sorry for the confusion with using/creating the Blog. BoldGrid is a series of plugins for WordPress that make it easier to build a WordPress site. Understanding the creation of a blog using WordPress will probably be the best way for you to understand it.  We have a few articles in BoldGrid that talk about it.  Check out these links:

The documentation from WordPress for beginners can be found here:  https://codex.wordpress.org/Getting_Started_with_WordPress.

WordPress is primarily is a blog application.  The built-in functionality allows you to create posts that can include a picture.  Preview text is also available to an extent.  If you go to the WordPress.org showcase you can see many examples of sites using this format.  You can also search through a search engine and then find many free tutorials that talk about how WP works and how to use it for a blog.  

I hope that helps to answer your question! If you require further assistance please let us know!

Arnel C.