button design is different from wp-admin compare to the outcome. PLEASE HELP

Steel Art Billboards 4 months ago updated by support (Support) 3 months ago 1

I need help with the button design of Bold Grid, This is the design under 

and" class="redactor-autoparser-object">www.website.com/wp-admin

and this one is the design under www.website.com ONLY.


Hello, thanks for the great question. I'm sorry to hear that your buttons are not appearing the same on the front-end as they do in the editor.

One thing I notice is that not only are the button backgrounds missing, but the text also has a heavier weight. This leads me to think that you may have some custom CSS on the front-end that doesn't match the CSS coming from BoldGrid. Two questions:

Do you have any Custom CSS rules defined in the Customizer? 

May I ask which theme you're currently using?