Can't save changes in Customizer

eric 4 months ago updated by Jesse Owens (Community Manager) 4 months ago 1

I am trying to get a page to update with a custom logo, remove a background image. The changes show in Boldgrid's customizer panel and in a live preview within Customizer, but fail to update when the page is previewed after exiting Customizer. I'm also getting a lot of "unable to save due to invalid settings" in Customizer with no info about what is wrong or how to fix it. I've wasted days on this and it's made Boldgrid pretty much unusable. I may have to rebuild everything from scratch with another page builder if I cannot get a solution fast.



Thanks for the question, I'm sorry to hear that your Customize settings aren't saving correctly.

The error you're describing, "Unable to save due to (X) invalid settings," is a WordPress Core error message, that's designed to prevent your site from breaking if an invalid setting is introduced into your database. 

The first thing to check that might resolve this is to double-check any custom code inside your Customize -> Advanced -> Custom CSS & JS menu for any syntax errors. One way you can test it is to take any code inside the custom code sections, copy it to Notepad to save it, and save your customizer without any custom code.

If that resolves the error for you, then the issue is going to be within the custom code. If that does not resolve the error, some other setting within Customize may be causing the error, and we'll need to investigate further for you. Please let us know if that resolves the error for you.

Hope this helps!