linking to google calendar

info 5 months ago updated by Jesse Owens (Community Manager) 5 months ago 1

Site is baywoodcolonyvillas.com. The theme is Uptempo.

I was only able to link to my google calendure using my google email, not the URL that google provided to embed into a website.

Although the site links to the google calendar, there is a "pointer" icon above the actual calendar. How do I remove that icon?



Thank you for the question, I'm sorry your Calendar Integration isn't working as expected. I visited the "Calendar" page on the website you mentioned, and I'm afraid I'm not sure which icon you're referring to.
May I ask how you're implementing your calendar right now? Via a WordPress Plugin, iFrame, or other means? Can you provide a screenshot of the icon you'd like to remove?

I'll look forward to helping you out with a little more information.