Can't see content or code on home page editor? Can edit in Customizer but not page editor?

robertniles 4 weeks ago updated by support (Support) 3 weeks ago 4 1 duplicate

There is nothing in the page editor. No code, no visual content, nothing. Also having trouble with photo visual on homepage in a mobile device?

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Joseph, I went through the "site health" page, updated all suggestions, and see no difference. Do you offer any option that involves a representative of BG to review the site? This is getting very frustrating. Thank you. 

Hi Robert,

If you have a Premium subscription with us then you can submit a Premium Support request through your BoldGrid Central dashboard.  Premium Support is handled in a private correspondence and is meant to facilitate troubleshooting these kinds of situations.

Alternatively, we can continue to troubleshoot this problem in the public forums to see we can find a resolution.  The next thing I suggest is deactivating all non-BoldGrid plugins on your website to see if that restores the view of your homepage in the editing interface.

We would also appreciate it if you could copy the Site Health information from the Info tab and send it to us to see if that provides any additional context about what might be creating this issue.

Thank you for your continued patience throughout the troubleshooting process and I hope that we can get this fixed for your soon.

Joseph, I appreciate your help. All of your suggestions have been done and checked. I recently backed up the site and updated the theme but with no success so I re-installed the backup. It make no sense that I can see content and code on every page except the homepage. I'm out of ideas?

The ultimate issue is better visualization of the homepage on a mobile device? Right now, the call for action is all one can see on a smart phone? I'd like the imagery to be seen as well. 

Thank you for your help.


Thank you for contacting us!

The problem you described can be related to a number of things. The first step I recommend is making sure all of your plugins, themes and core files are updated to their latest version. I also suggest making a backup of your website before running any of these updates in the unlikely event that something happens during the update process. That way, you will have something to restore from should any issues occur.

If the updates do not resolve the problem then please send us the Site Health information for your website so our team will have a better understanding of your configuration and hopefully find a solution.