I am unable to edit some text

davidmulholland 3 weeks ago updated 2 weeks ago 2

Guys I am totally unable to edit text in some of my blocks (non of the text below is editable nor do any of the links work any more) and I think it is down to me having changed the theme last week.  

What I mean is that the editor does not recognise the text in these blocks and does not let me highlight etc to edit.. I think it believes it now to be a picture?

I also had the same problem as I as unable to remove some pics for some reason. 

Also when I am trying to add used blocks to see if indeed it would let me edit those ones I get the same problem as well as the old blocks not being auto joined up with a couple of other blocks

This shouldn't happen surely?

BTW this should have been 1 block but when accessing via the used blocks section it is now joined up with other blocks

Hi Joseph, there is nothing re copyright protection coming from my end (pardon the pun)

Yes the elements are in the same section, but they shouldn't be as they were 2 totally separate blocks in the previous theme, indeed the contact section block was used on many pages  and edited accordingly but now I cannot do that as it no longer exists on its own. 

The same thing is happening on other pages and other blocks so the problem is coming from your end as I didn't join them up into one block and it all stemmed from me changing themes so there must be a glitch somewhere when doing this and I would be very wary of doing it again if this can happen.

I can move the contact forms no problem and re edit as similar but the section above it had links in it which I cannot access to edit and I'm not sure if this theme has the same block, even if it does have it or something similar, it now means I need to go in and re edit the whole text and cant even copy from the old one as it wont let me highlight.   Nothing too major Joseph but a pain to have to constantly come on here with problems as I'm sure you would agree with.. 


Hi David,

It looks like whatever plugin or configuration that is adding the blocker element is also effecting how this page behaves.  The blocker appears to be an invisible HTML element that sits on top of your other content in an effort to protect your text from being copied.  If you have any copy protection plugins then the problems are likely coming from that plugin.

The element in the screenshot you provided and the contact form below it are contained in the same section and that is why the two are not separate in your Block Library.  Sections are how the Post and Page Builder determines where one block ends and another begins, so if you want to separate them then you will need to move the contact form into a new Section.

Please let us know if there is anything else that we can do to help!