Plug-in is not getting installed

Randall 2 weeks ago updated 1 week ago 2

I’m new to BoldGrid and wanted to install my first plug-in. It’s called “Media Library Folders” and is used to help organize images, etc. I found it and clicked on “Install plugin”, but nothing happened. I never saw an “activate” option and it did not show up in my BoldGrid window. Can I install this plug-in? Am I doing something wrong?

Satisfaction mark by Randall 2 weeks ago

Thanks. I tried again the following day and the plug-in was installed correctly. I’m mot sure if I did anything differently but in a y event the process went well


Hi Randall, thank you for your question.

I am sorry to hear that there are some problems getting that plugin installed and our team is happy to help in any way we can.

Our plugins and themes do not block you from using other companies' products in your WordPress installation and I am unsure exactly why the plugin installation failed for you.  I recommend reaching out to your hosting provider to see if they can locate any error information that might explain why the plugin did not work.

I hope they can help you get this problem resolved and please let us know if there is anything else that we can do to help!