w3 Total Cache XML-RPC Error in Zapier-WordPress Integration

Brian McGuire 2 months ago in W3 Total Cache updated by support (Support) 2 months ago 1

In creating a Zapier integration to create a new post in a WordPress site, I was receiving an XML-RPC error. I began deactivating plugins and found that W3 Total Cache was the culprit. I looked for a setting to toggle but could not identify one. Anyone else run into this? 


Hi Brian, thank you for reaching out to us!  We have not heard about this error before, but we would certainly like to know more about it to try and get it fixed.  If possible, could you provide us with a list of the plugins installed on your website as well as the PHP and WordPress core versions you are working with?  Hopefully with that information our developers will be able to replicate this bug and get a fix released in an upcoming patch.

I look forward to hearing back from you and thank you for helping us improve W3 Total Cache!