WP-DBManager and Total Upkeep - do they work together?

MIcki 5 months ago updated 5 months ago 3

I am using WP-DBManager on my sites. Total Upkeep was automatically added with a new installation of Wordpress. I haven't activated it yet. 

Do they work together? Or will my site explode?

Thanks for your help!

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Thanks for contacting us!

While WP-DBManager and Total Upkeep do have some overlapping functionality, the only problem I can see is that you will have two tools creating backups of your database. Total Upkeep is not just a WordPress backup plugin though, it also has additional functionality that you will find very helpful with managing everyday tasks with your WordPress website.

If your hosting provider provided you a Premium Connect Key bundled with your WordPress hosting account, you will be able to leverage the Premium Features included in Total Upkeep such as:

  • Timely Auto Updates
  • Database Encryption
  • Remote Storage for Google Drive, AWS and DreamObjects
  • One Click File Restorations
  • Update History
  • Historical Versions
  • Plugin Editor Tools
  • Find Modified Files

You can find a list of our Platinum Parters on our WordPress Hosting page, to see if your host offers Premium Keys. If you run into any issues, please feel free to let us know. Our development and support teams are eager to find and fix any bugs. If you have any questions, we also have a BoldGrid Community Forum where you can get help from our teams as well as other users. 

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