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WordPress as a Website Builder

BoldGrid empowers professionals, designers, developers… YOU to build sites easily and quickly. BoldGrid is more than just a simple “page editor.” It’s a website builder and ecosystem of plugins that provides an enhanced WordPress experience with an easy and efficient workflow.


BoldGrid was developed by a dedicated team that has built thousands of websites by hand and worked with thousands of webmasters over the past sixteen years. That means our team possesses intimate knowledge of the unique difficulties that designers, developers and do-it-yourself webmasters experience when crafting their websites, and we resolved to fix those issues with BoldGrid.

Regardless of your specialty or skill level, BoldGrid has a solution for you. VIEW ALL PLUGINS

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For Beginners

BoldGrid for Designers and Do-It-Yourself Webmasters

BoldGrid’s simple, intuitive drag and drop interface and seamless integration with the WordPress customizer allows designers to engage their creative instincts without having to worry about the tedious nuances of WordPress.

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BoldGrid for Developers

BoldGrid is built on an open source framework, with all code available on GitHub. Use BoldGrid’s “staging” functionality to safely develop and test your websites, plugins or themes in a sandboxed area away from your live website.

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It’s an automated combination of themes, plugins, widgets, pages, page layouts, menus, photos, icons and written content that seamlessly extends the functionality and workflow of WordPress from CMS to website builder without sacrificing usability or simplicity.

BoldGrid’s design workflow is comprised of two major stages: The Inspiration Phase and the Customization Phase. The Inspiration Phase allows you to explore different website designs, pages you may want in your site, content that is specific to your industry, and functionality you may need. The Inspiration Phase is designed to give you a complete site, content and all. Then, you’ll enter the Customization Phase, where you’ll edit these elements to tailor the site to your specific needs.

BoldGrid comes equipped with all the plugins you need to build secure and powerful WordPress websites. Never worry about digging through the massive WordPress repository to build a patchwork of questionable plugins that may not be compatible with each other. Click HERE to LEARN MORE and SEE ALL PLUGINS.

BoldGrid Backup

Schedule automated backups, multiple backups and restore backups with minimal effort.

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BoldGrid Post and Page Builder

Edit your website with an easy-to-use drag and drop, WYSIWYG page editor.

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BoldGrid Inspirations

Select a theme from our curated selection of professional designs to edit and customize.

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BoldGrid Forms

Create robust contact forms for your website with ease.

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BoldGrid SEO

Easily and quickly optimize your site for search engines.

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BoldGrid Staging

Build your site in a secure, sandboxed area until it’s ready to deploy.

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How Does BoldGrid Compare to Other Editor Plugins?

  BoldGrid Visual Composer LayersWP Pro Divi BeaverBuilder
Cost $60/yr $34 $59 $89/yr $99
Number of Themes Thousands * 1 15 6 30-50
Drag-and-Drop Interface          
Unlimited Pages          
WooCommerce Compatible          
Integrated Forms Functionality          
Developer Friendly  
BoldGrid offers full source code access on GitHub, as well as complete developer documentation to assist with the creation of themes, extensions and other modifications.
BoldGrid is NOT Your Average Post and Page Builder  BoldGrid comes equipped with all the plugins you need to build secure and powerful WordPress websites. Never worry about digging through the massive WordPress repository to build a patchwork of questionable plugins that may not be compatible.
Included Premium SEO Plugin  
Advanced Blogging and Post Building  
BoldGrid’s allows bloggers to build posts using an intuitive rich text editor. Bloggers can also easily re-purpose previously developed content layouts.
Built-in Staging / Sandboxed Sites  
Included Premium Backup Plugin  
Advanced Image Editing  
With BoldGrid, edit your images directly in the browser without using any third-party software.
API Integration with Premium Image Services  
BoldGrid connects your media library to professional and creative commons image libraries giving you direct access to an endless amount of free and premium images to search yourself.
Access to Unlimited Premium Themes  
Get unlimited access to our library of beautiful, professional themes and download as many as you want – all for the price of one.
Access to Premium Blocks  
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Be Inspired. Be Empowered. Be Bold.

WordPress is already used by more than 60 million websites on the internet. Be bold and stand above the rest with BoldGrid.