How to Add The Events Calendar to your Site | BoldGrid

After installing the Events Calendar plugin in BoldGrid. The next step is adding the calendar to your site. In this tutorial, we will show you how to link to your events calendar from your main menu. This will allow people who visit your site to easily access and view your events calendar.

Adding The Events Calendar to your Site

  1. Log into your BoldGrid Dashboard.
  2. Click the Customize link.
  3. Click the Menus option.
  4. You will then see your menus listed, click the Primary one. 
  5. Your Primary menus will be listed, click the Add Items button.
  6. You will see additional menu items listed. Click the Events option.
  7. Click the Events button.
  8. Click the Save & Publish button.

    You will then see your new Events menu displayed on your site.

Congratulations, now you know how to add a menu link to your Events Calendar in BoldGrid!

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