How to Install the NGINX Helper Plugin | BoldGrid

Installing the NGINX Helper WordPress plugin allows you to utilize the caching tools for tasks such as resetting the NGINX reverse-proxy cache. This ensures that visitors to your site are viewing the latest content and not a cached version. In this tutorial, we will show you how to install the NGINX Helper plugin. We will cover Enabling Purge in the next guide.

Installing NGINX Helper

  1. Log into BoldGrid.
  2. PluginsClick the Plugins link.
  3. Add New PluginClick the Add New button.
  4. Install NGINX HelperIn the search box type ‘nginx helper‘ and you will see the plugin by “rtCamp” displayed.  Click the Install Now button.
  5. Activating NGINX HelperThe NGINX Helper plugin will then be installed. Click the Activate button to enable it.

Congratulations, now you know how to install and activate the NGINX Helper plugin in BoldGrid! In the next guide, we will show you how to Enabling Purge in the Nginx Helper Plugin.

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