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The Basics

BoldGrid is a WordPress website builder that you install on your website as a plugin. Simply download a single plugin or the entire suite and upload through your WordPress dashboard with confidence in complete compatibility. Once installed, BoldGrid seamlessly extends the usability of WordPress from CMS to website builder by simplifying the workflow through automations and drag and drop functionality. Start working faster and easily build a professional looking site without a need to short code. Download BoldGrid now.


Getting Started

  • The Difference Between BoldGrid & WordPress
  • How to Manually Install BoldGrid
  • Logging into BoldGrid for the First Time
  • Installing a BoldGrid Inspiration in WordPress
  • Choosing an Inspirations Category
  • Choosing a BoldGrid Inspiration Design

Getting to Know BoldGrid

Working with Image Galleries

  • Working With Image Galleries
  • How to Update BoldGrid
  • How to View Form Submissions
  • Using Categories and Tags in Blog Posts
  • How to Turn a BoldGrid Site into a Blog
  • How to Migrate Followers from
  • How to Migrate From Blogger

Working with Forms