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Set BoldGrid Backup Schedules with WP-CLI

Although you can schedule BoldGrid backups within the dashboard, advanced users can manage the WordPress backup plugin settings faster using WordPress Command Line Interface (WP- CLI) commands to schedule, list, and clear backup schedules.

Note: You must have WP-CLI installed and SSH access to continue. You’ll need to ask your hosting provider if SSH, cPanel Terminal, and WP-CLI are available. You can also install WP-CLI manually.

Schedule WordPress Backup with WP-CLI

  • Log into SSH or cPanel Terminal
  • Navigate to your BoldGrid directory – usually public_html
  • To ensure you’re in the right website directory, type:
    wp option get home && wp option get siteurl
  • Set the schedule. Days are numbered 0-6 for Sunday through Saturday. Time is set for 24 hours. For example, to set a backup schedule for every Wednesday and Saturday at 11 PM:
    wp bgbkup schedule set –days=3,6 –time=2300
  • To list all current schedules, type one of the following:
    wp bgbkup schedule list

wp bgbkup schedule show

  • To remove all backup schedules:
    wp bgbkup schedule clear

Read more with the command wp bgbkup schedule help. Learn more about WP-CLI on




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