How to install the BoldGrid Backup Plugin | BoldGrid

Website backups are very valuable to website designers, webmasters, and business professionals managing websites. It’s important to make a copy of your site anytime you are updating WordPress, plugins, or adding new functionality. It’s best to automate backups with a plugin. This plugin allows you to choose a specific time (since running backups can be resource intensive) and days of the week in which to automate them. We can also choose how many backups to store on the server as well.

Keep in mind, you do not have to be using BoldGrid to use the backup plugin. The BoldGrid backup plugin works with all WordPress websites. However, due to the different customization options and server configurations, certain server-side settings may be required to use the plugin correctly.

Follow along with the steps below to install the backup plugin:

  1. Log into your WordPress admin area and click Plugins Click plugins
  2. Click Add New Click Add New
  3. Click Install NowUnder BoldGrid Backup click the Install button
  4. Click ActivateThen click Activate

You have now successfully installed the BoldGrid Backup plugin.

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