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When building a WordPress website, one of the most mission critical items is backups. The BoldGrid Backup Plugin allows you to make scheduled or manual backups of your site, as well as using it for migrations. The BoldGrid Backup plugin is free, but it has a premium extension that unlocks additional features once added.

What are the differences between Free and Premium?

The main differences are additional features and the ability to save your backups to remote servers. The table below compares the features of the BoldGrid Backup plugin with the Premium Features offered to Premium Connect Key users.

Feature BoldGrid Backup Free Premium Extension
Complete WordPress backups at any time x x
Scheduled backups with Cron or WP Cron x x
Preflight Check x x
Archive option and Ability to retain a specific number of backups x x
Auto Updates and Rollback x x
Notifications by email x x
Backup on Web Server or FTP x x
Custom Files and Folder Backup x x
Custom Database Backup x x
Download and Restore Backup x x
Auto rollback to version of WordPress before update x x
Option to see files and folders in backup x x
Amazon S3 for remote server backups x
One-click individual file restorations x
History of Changes to the WordPress site x
Determine recently modified files x

The Pre Flight Check

To ensure the BoldGrid Backup Plugin will run on your web server, we include a Pre Flight Check that analyzes your hosting environment, and provides a detailed report about its configuration. This includes general tests, the backup directory and permissions, available compression libraries and cron availability. If your host has an issue with failing one of these checks, this will provide information about what can be done to resolve the problem.

Now that you have a little more information about the BoldGrid Backup plugin, next you may want to run your first backup or learn more about configuring automatic updates.


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