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Want to try a new plugin or theme before installing it on your website? With Cloud WordPress you can quickly create a site and perform tests then delete it when you’re finished. If you want to keep it, simply migrate it to a live site. The free Cloud WordPress license allows one site at a time and the Premium license allows up to 15 separate sites.

Creating a Cloud WordPress Site

  • Log into BoldGrid Central.
  • Click the Cloud WordPress link in the navigation menu.
  • On the Cloud WordPress page click the New Install button.
  • Choose if you want to install WordPress & BoldGrid or WordPress Only with the Express Setup option. You can also choose your options by selecting Customize My Install.
  • Click the Continue button and your new Cloud WordPress site will then be installed.
  • When it’s finished you will see your Admin URL, Site URL, Username, and Password listed. Save this information for your records.
  • There will also be several buttons. Click Admin Panel to access the WordPress Dashboard, View Site to see your new website, and Finished to return to the main Cloud WordPress page.

Congratulations, now you know how to create a Cloud WordPress site! Now, you can start performing tests or building your dream website.




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