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Do you need to demonstrate a website to a client or customer but don’t want to mess with the live site? There are several options available for creating a demo site without touching the existing one. In this guide, we will go over some of the popular ways to create a demo site, specifically by using Cloud WordPress, the BoldGrid Staging plugin, or creating a separate site. These are great options if want to have example sites to share, before replacing an existing site.  With this information, you can determine the best method for you to set up a demo site.

Cloud WordPress

Cloud WordPress by BoldGrid lets you quickly create a site for free. Then, install themes and plugins or even import a copy of the site using the Total Upkeep plugin. If you have a Premium Connect Key you can create many separate sites at once. When you are done testing, simply delete the site, reset it, or migrate it to your client’s server.

BoldGrid Staging

Another option for creating a demo site is to use the Staging tool in BoldGrid. You can create a separate version of a site in private without modifying the original site. This is a good method if the original site was built in WordPress and you want to work in the same Dashboard. When you are ready to go live, you can launch the staging pages. The staged pages will then become available on the main live site.

Create a Separate Site

You can also build a demo site by installing a separate site in a different folder. For example, you could install a WordPress site in a folder called ‘/test’ then visit the site going to A subdomain is another option for creating a demo site, such as When you are ready to go live, you must move the site to a different location or migrate the whole WordPress site to the customer’s server.


With this information, you should now be able to decide the best method for building and sharing a Demo site, without editing the original site.




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