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How To Use Placeholder Content For Client Websites

Experienced web designers know that one of the more difficult parts of a new design for a client is actually getting the content from them. You may be able to deliver the entire design on time, but if your client doesn’t provide you with their images and text copy, you won’t be able to complete the website. Here are some ways that you can still meet your deadlines, even before your client has sent you their content.

Using BoldGrid Inspirations

BoldGrid Inspirations uses professionally-written text copy for many different industries, from Music to Design to Restaurants. Use this link to create a new Inspirations website, follow the prompts for your client’s business category, and install the “Kitchen Sink” content set. This will give you a ton of different placeholder content for client websites.

Using BoldGrid Connect Search

BoldGrid Connect Search lets you search a huge library of stock images and photos. For production websites, you can purchase these images using BoldGrid Connect Coins, but if you just need some placeholder images, you can use the free watermarked images.

Using Ipsum Generators

Another great resource for designers is to use an “Ipsum Generator.” The name comes from the nonsense pseudo-latin phrase, “Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet,” which is the beginning of the most famous set of placeholder text. The purpose of these types of text generators is that they produce content which has varying line widths, break points, but carries no actual meaning.

Here are a few fun Lorem Ipsum generators you can use to fill your content for client websites in your designs:

  • Corporate Ipsum – it may sound like nonsense to you, but it makes perfect sense to the visionary in the boardroom.

    Capitalize on low hanging fruit to identify a ballpark value added activity to beta test. Override the digital divide with additional clickthroughs from DevOps.

  • Bacon Ipsum – You might give your client the meat-sweats from reading this carnivorous filler text.

    Beef pork ribeye, turducken fatback burgdoggen sirloin meatloaf cow pork belly frankfurter pork chop kevin t-bone.

  • Sagan Ipsum – Carl Sagan’s famous prosaic style, translated into complete gibberish.

    Sea of Tranquility cosmic fugue the ash of stellar alchemy a billion trillion Cambrian explosion with pretty stories for which there’s little good evidence.




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