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BoldGrid Central's Cloud WP allows you to install WordPress instantly, create staging environments, rapidly prototype and share with clients
With Cloud WordPress, you can try any WordPress plugins and themes without a web hosting service. Best of all, this process is completely free for 1 instance, or Get Premium for unlimited instances!

Creating a Cloud WordPress only takes a few seconds and can be used for Staging, Testing and Prototyping rapidly, improving your workflow and saving you time. Use BoldGrid Central to easily create Cloud WordPress instances with or without BoldGrid.

Getting Started with Cloud WordPress

Quickly deploy as many Cloud WordPress installations as you need, using your multiple installations to show clients multiple designs. Easily transfer the site you need to your preferred host with minimal interaction, and delete the rest with a single click. The following steps will outline the process for Creating a Cloud WordPress Instance in BoldGrid Central.

  • Login to BoldGrid Central
  • On the left hand navigation bar, select Cloud WordPress
  • Click New Install

Here, you will be presented with 3 options. These allow you to decide quickly what plugins you wish to have active in this Cloud WordPress instance.

  • Express Setup – WordPress & BoldGrid
  • Express Setup – WordPress Only
  • Customize My Install allows you to customize which BoldGrid Plugins are added during provisioning
  • Select one of the options
  • Click Continue

If you choose Customize My Install, you will be presented with a list of Plugins you can have set up with the instance, allowing you to experiment with any of the BoldGrid features offered.

Staging and Testing with Cloud WordPress

Use Cloud WordPress to test plugins, themes, and customizations without changing your production site. When you’re finished, you can demo or migrate your changes to another site, or delete the Cloud WordPress installation rapidly.

Congratulations! You now know how to use Cloud WordPress to rapidly test, develop and design your next beautiful WordPress site.




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