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To use our Plugins and Themes you’ll need a Connect Key. Connect Keys allow you to link BoldGrid services to your WordPress websites. If you have tested WordPress themes or plugins using a Cloud WordPress installation you will already have a free key assigned to your account.

Get a Connect Key

  • Sign in to boldgrid.com/central
  • From the left menu select New Connect Key
  • Here you will see the types of Connect Keys available – View additional pricing information
  • Click the Select button under your desired Connect Key
  • Each BoldGrid Central account can have one Free Connect Key, which can be used on one website
    • Selecting Free will complete a purchase and give you a receipt for $0
  • Each BoldGrid Central account can have multiple Premium Connect Keys. Each Premium Key can be used on an unlimited number of websites for a single company or project

Get a Connect Key today and see all BoldGrid has to offer.




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4 thoughts on “What are Connect Keys?

  1. Hello comrades

    Sorry for my knowledge of English, I’m just learning it.
    Did I understand correctly that the premium key can be used on multiple sites but within the same WordPress account?

    Actually, the question is, if I buy premium Page and Post Builder, will I be able to use it on different sites of different WordPress accounts, performing tasks for different people? Or is the premium key not suitable for a freelancer who creates websites?

    You have a great product and thank you for it!
    I wish you and your relatives good health!

    With respect to you

    • You can use your BoldGrid Connect Key on unlimited sites within the same business. For example, you may use it on a Development, Staging, and Production site. Keep in mind that your Key can be used to purchase BoldGrid Connect Search images, so you should not share your key with sites that you are delivering to a client or another business.

      • Please be straight with your answer. Can I use boldgrid as a freelancer on multiple clients websites? Please explain how I can benefit from the premium drag and drop builder as a freelancer building websites for small businesses.

        • Hello Isa,
          Many of our users are freelancers who use BoldGrid’s suite of WordPress tools to rapidly develop their clients’ websites. Some of them purchase premium licenses for each of their clients and include the cost of the license in their pricing structure, others provide their clients with free Connect Keys once they deliver the site. However, you shouldn’t use the same key for different clients, because they’ll be connected to a single BoldGrid Central account.

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