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BoldGrid Crio provides tools to create many different styles for the footer. The default layout can be easily changed using the Customizer.

  • In the Dashboard navigate to AppearanceCustomize
  • In the Customizer menu navigate to Design → Footer → Layout

Create Your Footer Layout

Your Footer contains Sections made from the elements Branding (Logo, Title, and Tagline), Menus, Widget Areas, and Attribution Links. A Section is like a row in the Footer. Each Section can have a different number of elements and use a different container type. Use the 9 way directional arrows to align each element appropriately.

Clicking the red Trash icon next to an element will remove only that element, to remove the entire Section click the red Trash icon at the top of the Section panel.

For more information on working with widgets, please read this article.

Footer Container

You have options to put the Footer content in either a Fixed Width container or Full Width. This refers to the container the content resides in, allowing you to change your footer’s look and feel.


Pro Feature
Both BoldGrid and WordPress include credit attributions with links that state “Built with BoldGrid” and “Powered by WordPress” in the footer section.

  • Scroll down to the section labeled Attribution Control
  • Click the option to show or remove the attributions.




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6 thoughts on “Customizing the Footer Design in BoldGrid Crio

    • Hi Greg-
      Probably the easiest way to make custom attribution links is to create a new menu in Customize > Menus, and then add that new menu to the footer in Customize > Design > Footer > Layout

      • I see how to make a Custom Menu but placing it in the footer isnt working. I only have options to add Secondary, Tertiary, or Quarternary menus. I dont see how to insert my new custom menu

        • Hi Greg-
          There’s two steps needed to insert your menu in the footer. First, navigate to Customize > Design > Footer > Layout and insert any one of those menus, Quaternary for example. Then, navigate to Customize > Menus and click on your custom menu. Now that the menu location has been added to the footer design, you’ll see the Menu Location checkbox available to assign the menu to that location in the footer.

  1. Can’t get rid of “Built with Boldgrid” in the footer?
    What a shame I spent an hour working with this template before I realized this.

    • Hello Chris-
      To remove “Built with BoldGrid” in Crio, navigate to Customize > Design > Footer > Layout and delete the section containing “Attribution Links.”

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