Customizing the Page Layout with BoldGrid Crio | BoldGrid

BoldGrid Crio provides several options for Pages that are applied globally. The Post and Page Builder allows to change these settings within the Editor as needed for single Pages. The following guide will provide you with information on navigating to these controls in the Customizer and give you information on using them.


The title section allows you to control the display of page titles on your pages globally. You also have the option of changing this per page, from within the Post and Page Builder. The options include whether or not the title is displayed, as well as controls for setting the color, position and font size for Post Titles.


You have options to put the page content in either a Fixed Width container or Full Width. This refers to the container the content resides in, allowing you to change your website’s look and feel.

The sidebar section allows you to choose between page templates on a global basis. Your options are no sidebar, right sidebar or left sidebar. This can be changed per page from within the Post and Page Builder.


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