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Customizing Your New Crio Website

The Customizer tool allows you to visualize your changes as they would be seen to web visitors without affecting the live site.

The BoldGrid Crio Customizer allows you to make changes to the whole site at once, instead of one page or post at a time. Design elements like colors, fonts, and container type can be set globally, with the option to change a single instance as needed with the Post & Page Builder plugin. BoldGrid Crio comes with the tools to make multiple header, footer, and blog page layouts, simply click each option until you find the perfect one. Customizing your new or existing WordPress site has never been easier!

Onboarding Tutorial Videos

Onboarding Video Tutorials

We want to make sure you have all the resources available for a smooth experience. We recommend checking out our video tutorials on YouTube to complement the written guide. These tutorials provide step-by-step instructions to help you navigate through the customization process. Whether you’re a seasoned WordPress user or a beginner, our videos cater to all levels of expertise. They offer practical insights that might make the customization journey more straightforward. Feel free to explore our YouTube channel for additional support.

It’s easy to select the perfect layouts with BoldGrid Crio since we include the tools to make multiple header, footer, and blog layouts out of the box. Changes in layouts are shown immediately in the live preview but the front of your site remains the same until you save. The header of your website can be on the top, right, or left, with exact width control for right and left sides. BoldGrid Crio also has multiple header background options with extra features like overlay colors for video and images.

Header and Footer Customization


BoldGrid Crio has powerful controls for menu designs. You can control design elements like background, border, spacing, and font to give you granular control over your menu items. There are four options for menu locations and each one can have unique styling. We have you covered on mobile devices as well! There are over 30 mobile menu options complete with animation and color controls.

Posts & Pages

BoldGrid Crio helps make posts and pages look professional and consistent. There are dozens of blog layouts you can create using our custom tools. Container type can be set to fixed or full-width to ensure consistent spacing across the entire site. Post and page title controls allow for more complex heading designs created with Blocks in the Post and Page Builder.

Posts and Pages

Colors and Typography

Colors & Typography

BoldGrid Crio adds controls for color and fonts that will change elements across your entire site at once with a single click. Any changes you make are shown immediately in the live preview but the front of your site remains the same until you save. This way you can try out as many designs as you want until you find the perfect one. Use the “Suggest Palette” feature to have BoldGrid Crio automatically recommend beautiful color schemes and save the palettes you like for later use.


BoldGrid Crio provides many features for those wanting to work beyond the front end. Advanced users can add more default layouts for the header, footer, and blog page by using the configuration file. There are also granular controls for margin, padding, border, border radius, and box shadow for the header and footer.

Advanced Controls