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The settings here change the border and border radius on the entire menu area. If you want to control the border and border radius that appears on every menu item please click here.

  • In the Dashboard navigate to AppearanceCustomize
  • In the Customizer menu navigate to Design → Menus → Menu Location → Border
  • Select a Border Type option
  • Use the sliders to control the widths of your border sides
  • Click on the palette color that you wish to use
  • Click Publish to save your changes

The Border Radius controls the roundness of your element’s corners. A higher border radius values creates more rounded corners.

  • Scroll down to Border Radius
  • Use the sliders to adjust the roundness of the four corners
  • Click Publish to save your changes

Note: You can use the Undo Changes option to remove the changes just made, or Delete Saved Settings to reset to the default options.

Congratulations! You now have more information on customizing your Menu further. Next, you may want to learn about using the Device Visibility controls with your menus.




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