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Most of the content control for BoldGrid Crio takes place in the Post and Page Builder, however you can set the link color globally from within the Customizer and can also customize your sites Page Titles. The following guide will walk you through those processes.

Styling Links in your Content

In BoldGrid Crio, you can adjust the color of your internal and external links globally. This can help your visitors clearly identify any links placed within your content.

  • In the Dashboard navigate to AppearanceCustomize
  • In the Customizer menu navigate to Design → Site Content → Links
  • You can set your link preferences, such as color, underline and hover effect
  • Click the Publish button to save your changes

Customizing Page Titles

With BoldGrid Crio, you have the ability to customize your Page Titles on a global basis. This allows you to set the design for your Page Titles once, and they will all follow the same style. The following steps will guide you through customizing your Page Titles.

  • Background Color allows you to customize the background of the container the Page Title resides in
  • Title Color allows you to change the color of the font for the Page Title
  • Title Font Size allows you to change the size of your Page Titles
  • Text Position allows you to adjust your Page Titles to be left, center or right aligned
  • Title Position allows you to choose whether your Page Titles are in the content, or above it

Congratulations! You now know how to change your link colors and customize Page Titles in BoldGrid Crio.


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